Darwin, Northern Territory

The Australian Centre for Indigenous Knowledge & Education at CDU’s Casuarina campus recently received a series of culturally inspired additions to their existing Ceremonial Area including a new dance floor, sunshade structure and external seating. Colour, material and form were used create harmony with the natural environment, enhancing the ceremony yard and providing added comfort to the area.

 The dance floor takes inspiration from the ACIKE logo, the indigenous symbol for meeting place, with a floor radiating out from the centre, surrounded by further circle markers. The dance floor now provides a timber stage and central viewing point for ceremony and traditional dancing.

 The screening takes its form from the traditional symbol for rain and sun providing a dynamic shadow line as the sun moves across the sky.

 Seat shades were added above the exposed ceremony area seating to provide shade. The design is inspired by the weaved structures and artworks of the local indigenous culture.